Instagram direct messages or DMs are a simple way to start quick conversations with different users of the social network. In addition, it is a way to interact with the audience if you have many followers, which increases closeness if what you are looking for is to maintain the strength of your followers. A few hours ago, Instagram launched a set of new features in its direct messages like the possibility of edit messages up to 15 minutes after having sent them, the option to pin conversations at the top in the purest WhatsApp style or the launch of new topics for each conversation within Instagram DMs. We tell you everything below.

Edit DMs on Instagram

This is how you can edit Instagram direct messages

Without a doubt the star news of the day on Instagram is the ability to edit direct messages from our device. we can do it up to 15 minutes after sending them. We will only have to click on the message and select “Edit” from the drop-down menu. Next, we will modify the message and validate the change. Of course, just like what happens on WhatsApp, edited messages have a mark that they have been previously modified.

DM read confirmation on Instagram

Other more than interesting functions

In addition to the edition of MDs, they have also incorporated news regarding other parts of Instagram which we detail below:

  • Possibility of setting conversations: Now we can select certain conversations and by sliding to the left the “Pin” option will appear at the top. This way, it doesn't matter how many conversations we have open since said conversation will remain at the top. There's no way to get lost.
  • Turn read receipts on or off: The possibility of activating or deactivating the reading confirmation of the MDs we receive has also been added. To modify this function we just have to go to Settings > Account Settings > Messages and replies to stories > Show reading receipts and activate or deactivate the function according to your interest.
  • Save your stickers: While we have conversations through Instagram direct messages, we can save the stickers they send us in favorites, in addition to the GIFs. So that when we want to recover them we have at hand that content that we thought appropriate to save at the time.

  • Topics for conversations: Finally, Instagram has added new visual themes for each conversation within DMs. They are modifications to the aesthetics of the application to give a different touch to each direct message. To change the theme you can go to a chat, press the name at the top, go to where it says “Themes” and select one of the available ones.
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