Instagram will make you pay

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking applications on the market, and also one of the ones that works best in the Apple ecosystem. Although until now, all its functions have been free for the user, Meta has changed its mind and will make you pay to use an Instagram feature. In this post we tell you all the details.

Instagram and verified subscription

Mark Zuckerberg has taken a liking to Twitter’s subscription models, where we pay to have a verified profile badge next to our name. He liked them so much that he is going to implement them in the Meta ecosystem: on the social networks of Facebook and Instagram. So, welcome to a paid Instagram, with which we will obtain benefits such as, for example, having a verified profile badge (a “blue badge” as Zuzkerberg himself calls it), being able to verify your user using our ID, more protection for your account in case they try to impersonate your identity and thus “increase the authenticity and security of all our services”, explains the CEO of Meta in a statement on his Facebook profile. In addition, he explains that those who pay for the subscription will have “direct access to customer service.”

Yes, you read that right: if you pay money to Meta, you can upload your ID to Meta, so that Meta has more information about you, for the sake of “protecting its services”, so that Instagram will later put a blue verification badge on your profile. That, and that if you have a problem with your account they will help you “directly”. Now, these juicy benefits have an equally juicy price. If you subscribe through the web, you will “only” have to pay 12 dollars a month.

Since the iPhone is more expensive

But what does Apple have to do with all this? Mark Zuckerberg himself reports that from iOS, the subscription will cost 15 dollars a month. In other words, for the same service, with the same functions and benefits, it will cost the user three dollars more per month, if they decide to sign up for the subscription with an iPhone. This $3 price increase is a clear response from the CEO of Meta, to the 30% commission that Apple takes on each transaction within its applications. But he only mentions that iOS subscription increase. About the Android ecosystem has not made any mention.

logo instagram iphone

“We will start by launching this service in Australia and New Zealand, and in more countries soon.”, explains Zuckerbeg. Therefore, there is no date in sight for the arrival of this subscription service to other continents, nor is there a detailed list of countries, dates and prices that each country will end up having, depending on the local currency.

Regarding the functions of this new subscription service, it is not known whether they will remain in what we have mentioned above, or if they will expand. There are also no details on whether there will be (or not) different plans or subscription levels, as well as the detailed operation of each of the functions that the CEO of Meta has listed. It only remains to wait and see what will be the adoption of this subscription, and if this service will end up reaching countries like Spain. But it is also to be expected that this new service will not reach the finish line.