Insurance for iPhone: What do they cover and which one to hire?

Since September, the iPhone 14 It is for sale in Spain. The state-of-the-art terminal has a ultra resistant glass screenwhich protects the screen up to 4 times better against falls, is stainless steelincludes HDR lighting, 12MP camera and only 173 grams of weight, among others.

With these characteristics and its priceabout €1,400, the question arises as to whether it is worth hiring a safe for iphone. The company itself offers Apple Carean insurance policy that covers the repair and replacement of your Apple device.

However, this policy does not have coverage such as theft.

Therefore, today we are going to tell you the main insurance coverage for iPhone.

Warranty and AppleCare

It is important to differentiate between a mobile phone warranty and an AppleCare insurance policy. You should keep in mind that you don’t need mobile insurance when your device presents factory faults or breakdowns.

According to Law of Guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goodsfrom January 2022 you have a 3-year coverage in case your device presents some type of fault or factory failure.

The case of AppleCare + Apple’s own insurance is different, it costs €8.99 for the iPhone 14. Thus, it covers the repair or replacement of the terminal in case of accidental damage and battery damage if it has lost more than 80% of its capacity.

However, the policy has fine print. It is necessary to pay an extra depending on the element that has been damaged. Thus, a charge of 29 euros will have to be paid if the screen is damaged; 99 euros if it is another element of the mobile phone.

AppleCare+ also does not cover iPhones in the event of theft, theft, data loss, repairs performed by unofficial agents, and liquid or fire damage.

What coverages exist in iPhone insurance?

The truth is that, despite their security, our mobile devices have many risks that we cannot control: theft, theft, breakdown or accidental damage. These are, in fact, the main coverages that exist in iPhone insurance.

1. Accidental damage

When we talk about damage to your device, we mean accidental damage for your iPhone. Thus, no company will cover damage done intentionally with the aim of obtaining another device.

broken iphone

Clarified this part, insurance covers:

  • Broken screen of your iPhone.
  • Broken camera.
  • Damaged internal components after a fall.
  • Liquid damage.
  • Battery faults.
  • Electrical damage.
  • On or off button.
  • Other device damage.

2. Robbery and larceny

At this point you should be clear about the difference between robbery and theft. In the case of theft, it is the one that occurs with violence either there is some kind of intimidation.

A classic example of a robber who threatens you and steals your personal belongings, including your mobile. In the case of theft, the thief takes advantage of any distraction to steal your iPhone without you realizing it.

theft of an iphone

The companies usually replace the stolen mobile phone with another terminal or compensate with the value of the mobile phone at the time the robbery or theft occurred.

3. Fraudulent calls

This is a type of coverage that covers calls made from your own mobile terminal to companies with special rates when your mobile has been stolen.

If thieves have access to your iPhone, they can make these types of calls to steal money from you.

In this way, insurance companies offer coverage of up to 1,000 euros in case of fraudulent calls.

What is the best iPhone insurance?

One of the most recommended insurance brands for iPhone is Movistar. The insurance covers accidental damage, theft, robbery and fraudulent calls made from your device after a theft. It also includes AppleCare + in its coverage, guaranteeing that repairs are carried out in Apple Stores and Apple authorized service providers.