Invasion Of Ukraine By Russia: Apple’s Reaction On The Incident

Apple published a statement in the media that stated that the company is deeply distressed about the condition in Ukraine. This global company condemned the act of Russia that is sanctioning military operations in Ukraine and stated that it will always stand against violence in any and all form. 

Actions Taken By Apple On The Incident Of Ukraine

Apple has always supported efforts in any humanitarian nature and provided relief aid to any incidents of this kind. To match with its decision, Apple agreed to pause the sale of all its products and also stopped its exports in the sales channel of Russia. In addition to this, the state media applications of Russia like Sputnik News and RT News were banned in all the app stores which are present outside Russia. 

There has also been news that Apple collaborated with other companies who are in support of Ukraine and are banning respective products from their market to disrupt their economy. They also want to cut off the news media of Russia. 

The company also joined hands with the head of Google and is damaging all the incidents and live traffic in Ukraine. These actions are conducted with the help of both international and local agencies or organizations. In another statement from Russia, it is said that Apple is communicating with other significant Government bodies and are considering further approaching Russia in order to make them realize their mistake and to stop them from causing further damage. 

Mykhailo Fedorov, the Minister of Ukraine had previously asked Apple to stop selling its products and to ban Apple Store in that country. Though the company has stopped the sale of its products in the country, still its App stores are open. The RT News and Sputnik are still present in every store of Russian Application.