“Invisible” wireless chargers that you will want to use with your iPhone

Next, we are going to show you some of the ways to wireless charging more original “secrets”, which will allow us to charge the iPhone wirelessly without anyone noticing.

Ways to charge the iPhone wirelessly that are not noticeable

Discreetly charge your iPhone on your desktop

To begin, we are going to talk about those charging bases that we can integrate into our desk. The “invisible” wireless chargers They are a more hidden type of wireless charger for iPhone that serves as home decoration, in addition to allowing us to charge our device wirelessly. They typically stick under tables or non-metallic surfaces, allowing devices to charge simply by placing them on them, creating an almost magical experience without compromising the aesthetics of the workspace.

Nightstands with wireless charging

Another way to integrate wireless charging in a hidden way is by placing a wireless charger on our nightstand. Nightstands with built-in Qi charging docks eliminate the need for nearby cables and outlets, making it easy to charge our devices overnight without sacrificing comfort or style.

In that sense, there are also some table lamps suitable for both bedside tables and other places in the house that not only illuminate our spaces but also offer a wireless charging base. The NYMÅNE lamps from IKEA are an example of this.

Wireless charging car mount

Traditional car chargers have also evolved with the arrival of wireless charging in recent years. Currently there are many car brands that integrate chargers directly into some areas of the vehicle. There are also brands of accessories that allow us to incorporate wireless chargers in our car, some advanced, such as those that incorporate MagSafe technology. These use magnets to secure the device, providing an elegant and effective solution, especially for iPhone users.

iPhone car chargerExternal Power Banks with Wireless Charging

Finally, we will see how to integrate power banks or charging bases that support wireless charging and are also a portable solution to charge the iPhone without the need for cables. This is an ideal option for spaces without easy access to outlets. For example, these chargers can be great to complement our work space, the living room or even the kitchen. This way we can ensure that we always have a wireless charger on hand, without the need for cables, which also camouflages itself with the environment as one more element of decoration.

iPhone charger

Innovation in wireless charging takes us towards a future where technology is integrated more naturally and less intrusively into our daily spaces. Whether for home or the office, there are different types of wireless charging that are great for mixing technology and decoration in our space.