In the midst of the iOS 16 betas we came across this news or rather, with this rumor that it is more than likely that Apple will stop supporting iOS 11 released six years ago. But not only to the operating system that is installed on the iPhone. macOS 10.13-10.13.3, watchOS 4-4.2.3, and tvOS 11-11.2.6 are also mentioned; Normally when Apple launches new operating systems it stops signing the previous ones, but what we are referring to now is that it already will not support so any existing problem will not depend on the company. There is only one exception that we will look at now.

According to one of the many Apple analysts that exist in cyberspace, Apple will stop giving official support to various operating systems of different company devices, created in 2017. Specifically, it refers to iOS 11 and 12.6, macOS 10.13-10.13.3, watchOS 4-4.2.3, and tvOS 11-11.2.6 This means that if you have any of these devices with those versions, since the beginning of May, the date indicated by the analyst, Apple will not offer protection services to users with those versions. There will only be one exception and it refers to iCloud.

@StellaFudge Through a message posted on Twitter, he has released this news of which we still do not have official confirmation from the company. But if everything goes as stated in the message, what we can expect is that at the beginning of May the only service that will be left with support for devices with those software versions installed, it will be iCloud because the company cannot leave users without access to backup copies and/or files that exist in the cloud. But it will leave all the problems that may arise from the use of these terminals in the hands of the users.

If you are one of the 8% who still have old software installed and running, I recommend that you consider upgrading if your terminal allows it.