Apple introduced in iOS 16 the possibility to see the remaining battery percentage within the iOS icon, both on the lock screen and on the home screen, but the icon always appeared full. With iOS 16.1 Beta 2 it also shows it graphically.

It was one of the latest controversies with the launch of iOS 16, which, as always happens with Apple, is magnified to unsuspected levels. The novelty of being able to numerically show the percentage of remaining battery on the iPhone, both on the lock screen and on the home screen, was highly criticized because the icon, despite being with less than half battery, it was always full, which was somewhat disconcerting to many. Although it was not a really important problem, it was somewhat curious that a company that has always been characterized by taking care of even the smallest detail in its software, especially at the graphic level, would make such an obvious mistake and with such a such a simple solution, at least at first glance.

Well, Apple seems to have listened to all its users, and in the second Beta of iOS 16.1 that has just been released, it has solved this “very serious” bug. Now the battery icon graphically shows the remaining level, and it will appear more or less full depending on the battery life remaining on the iPhone. Of course, the possibility of numerically seeing the remaining level is maintained, which continues to appear inside the battery icon. This second Beta of is 16.1 is currently only available for developers, and the final version is expected to arrive during the month of October, probably hand in hand with the release of iPadOS 16.1, which will be the first version of this new software for the tablet. from Apple, and likely to debut the new iPads that Apple is expected to launch this fall.