Image by 9to5Mac.

iOS 16.2 has been the big news of the past week by launching the first version of its beta for developers with a large number of new features and changes. Everything indicates that the final version will include a new lock screen widget: Sleep Widget. In addition it seems that there will also be added a new widget for medication. All this related to the Health app.

The new sleep widget for the lock screen is already included in the first and mentioned released beta of iOS 16.2. If you are a developer and you already have this, you can include it in the same way as the rest of the widgets to have your sleep data on the lock screen. The widget includes two ways to display it: one that displays the hours you have slept during the last 7 days, in the purest Health app style, and another that shows the data from the last night in reduced size.

This new sleep widget joins the ones we already had since iOS 15 for the home screen. It is a reduced version since it also shows the dream of the last 7 days in its 4 × 2 format.

Regarding the medication widget, Apple is still working on it and is not included in this first beta of iOS 16.2, but 9to5Mac has found evidence in the code that the widget will exist in future versions of the beta and more than likely in the final version that we expect in December. It’s also unclear if it’s coming just for the lock screen, just the home screen, or both.

Apple included medication and intake tracking functionality with iOS 16. It allows us to enter the medication we are taking, when we should and the types of notification we want to receive so that we do not forget or know the possible dangers of a mixture of these with substances such as alcohol or marijuana. It is a very powerful tool combined with the Apple Watch and more so in older people so that they never forget to take the necessary medicines thanks to these devices.