One of the novelties of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max is its screen always on (Always On Display), and in iOS 16.2 we can use it with a completely black background.

It was one of the features that had been talked about the most for months and was not lacking in the presentation of the iPhone 14. The “Pro” models in their two sizes could finally enjoy the so-called “Always On Display”, a feature that keeps the screen always on, even when the iPhone is locked. The iPhone lowers the brightness of the screen, the refresh rate drops to 1Hz and continues to show you the time, widgets, notifications and the wallpaper. Of course, everything is done with much less brightness to save battery.

This feature has been around for some time in some Android terminals, but it behaves differently: the screen goes completely black and only the relevant information is shown: clock and widgets. Well, from iOS 16.2, iPhone users will be able to opt for this behavior, since the system will allow you to choose if you want the wallpaper and notifications to be shown with the iPhone locked, or not.

Always-on display options

Within the Settings of your device (iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max only) you must access the screen preferences, and in the “Always On Display” section you will have the configuration options for this functionality. You will be able to enable it or not, and you will be able to define if you want to show the wallpaper, the notifications, both or neither. In theory, using a screen with a completely black background will help your device’s battery last if you want to get the most out of its autonomy or simply for aesthetics, it will be a configuration that you will have to modify when the iOS 16.2 version is released, currently in its third Beta.