iOS 16.2 is now available, these are all its news

The Cupertino company has just released iOS 16.2, which is presumed to be one of the most refined versions of iOS 16. As happens every year, Apple is perfecting the Operating System launched in September and reaches its point of most extreme optimization around Christmas.

In this case iOS 16.2 is much more than a performance improvement, we show you what are all the new features that Apple has included in this new version. As always, we recommend that you keep your iPhone updated, in this way you will prevent any type of security breach and improve the operation of your devices.

Freeform, the expected launch

Already during the WWDC of this year 2022 we saw a first approach to Freeform, an Apple application that would allow us to use our iOS devices as a blackboard, with the advantage that we can suppose. Obviously we can show content to all iOS users around us, which is not only a clear incentive for the educational sector, but also represents a very interesting interconnected tool for most users.

On this board, users will be able to draw, add notes, stickers, photos, videos, links, PDFs and all kinds of documents, which makes it a collaborative tool that can improve the productivity of work teams, beyond the aforementioned educational sector.

All of our Freeform whiteboards will be shareable with users, allowing them to interact with them and display changes in real time. We have had the first approaches to Freeform with the iOS 16.2 Beta, but the time has come to use it.

New widgets on the lock screen

The Widgets on the Lock Screen of iOS 16 are seeming insufficient to all of us. Although a good list of applications from third-party developers has been generated that are making the most of their creativity to offer alternatives in the Apple Lock Screen, The reality is that the options that the Cupertino company gives us natively are scarce and in some cases very useless.

Be that as it may, Apple has added with iOS 16.2 two new customizable Widgets within the Lock Screen, and these are related to sleep quality measurements and the medication and reminders tool included within the Health app integrated into iOS by default.

These are two Widgets that will undoubtedly allow certain users to get the most out of their functionality, but they are still a long way from what Apple promised the iPhone Lock Screen would be thanks to these available but brief levels of customization.

Fixing the Always-On Display

Apple was a latecomer to the Always-On Display, but it came its way. Offering an alternative to its users that will leave them speechless. What they could not imagine (although some of us did sense it) is that this version of the Always-On Display Designed in Cupertino, it would drive most of its users headlong in view of the high battery consumption it produced.

In this way, Apple knew how to back off in time by offering a version of the system that was more similar to what we were used to seeing in other Android devices and that respected the battery consumption of the iPhone a little more. Thus, Apple’s AOD system has been implementing various improvements and options over time, and that is what they have decided to integrate more eloquently in iOS 16.2.

With the new update of the Operating System you will be able to activate or deactivate the function (something that was already present), as well as you will have the possibility of showing or hiding the wallpaper, that is, offering a black background. Secondly, We can also show and hide notifications.

live scores

The iOS Lock Screen continues to be the central axis around which all the news revolves, as you have seen. This is one of the most anticipated features, which was also announced at WWDC but that we have not yet been able to enjoy. The possibility of observing in real time the results of the matches of our favorite team has finally arrived at iOS 16.2 through the Apple TV application.

The problem here is going to be the same as always, we can enjoy the NBA, NFL and who knows how many more “Americans”, however, they will put aside real football, the one that is played with a round ball and practices my Real Betis Balompié.

Despite everything, other alternatives will arrive (we hope) as the weeks go by. It would have been extremely interesting if Apple had chosen to launch or integrate this capability into the Lock Screen coinciding with the FIFA World Cup which is currently taking place in Qatar.

Other news

Also, Apple will integrate the new HomeKit operating architecture into iOS 16.2, Apple’s connected home environment that will theoretically improve performance, efficiency, and compatibility with available accessories. This is in addition to the full integration with Matter that was already promised with the arrival of iOS 16.1 but from which we users have not seen direct benefit at the moment.

Also, the way in which “emergency calls” are made through the iPhone or Apple Watch will be improved, allowing the Cupertino company to notify that the call has not been intentional.

Finally, Apple will roll out 5G functionality to its devices in India, where until now it was not available. The companies that will offer this service will be Airtel and Reliance Jio.