iOS 16.3.1 arrived last week by surprise as an update that patched many vulnerabilities and security holes. In fact, Apple has strongly encouraged all users to update their devices, even releasing updates to old versions by fixing those bugs in other iOS versions. But before giving more information about those exploits closed, the big apple has wanted to let a few days pass before a large number of users update. Today the glossary of updated security holes has already been updated and we see as well iOS 16.3 is no longer signed with which Apple “forces” to install iOS 16.3.1.

Apple updates vulnerabilities fixed in iOS 16.3.1

As we have been saying, Apple released iOS 16.3.1 on February 13 and since then we have little news about the security holes resolved in the update. We know for sure that issues related to the WebKit development kit and vulnerabilities associated with the Kernel were addressed. However, More fixed vulnerabilities are known that Apple has not yet wanted to disclose publicly.

iOS 16.3.1

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In fact, a few hours ago the Big Apple website was updated with more information about the security flaws fixed with the update. And this time they added the exploits of security. This is an exploit reported by the Google Chrome team that has appeared since iPhone 8 and above and almost all generations of iPads.

Others have also been added three new vulnerabilities, two of them associated with the Foundation development kit that allowed arbitrary code execution outside of the sandbox or with certain elevated privileges. Another security hole concerned the Cash Reporter kit, which allowed hackers to read files with root privileges. What we know for sure is that Apple wanted to hit the table by fixing serious security problems in a new version that it hopes will gain a high adoption rate as soon as possible.