iOS 16.4 Beta Available 

A few weeks after releasing the first iOS 16.4 public beta, Apple on Wednesday made iOS 16.4 beta 2 available to public beta testers. Several iOS features, including updated Apple Books and new emoji, are now available for beta testers to test out. Only members of Apple’s Beta Software Program have access to these features.

New iOS features can be entertaining, but we advise installing a beta version only on a device other than your primary phone in case the new software has bugs. Apple offers an app called Feedback to beta testers. This program enables beta testers to alert Apple to any problems with the new software so that they may be fixed before the product is released to the public.

iOS 16.4 Has Wonderful New Features

The page-turn curl animation was taken out of Apple Books in an earlier iOS release, but it is now back in Apple Books with the iOS 16.4 beta 2 upgrade. When you turned a page in an electronic book on your iPhone in the past, the page would either slide to one side of the screen or disappear and be replaced with the next page. These page-turn options are still available for beta testers.

Your iOS device now has access to 31 new emojis thanks to the first beta of iOS 16.4. A new smiling, new creatures including a moose and a goose, and new heart colors like pink and light blue are all part of the new emoji. The new emoji are all from Unicode’s Emoji 15.0 recommendation list, which was released in September 2022. Rich previews of Mastodon links in Messages were made possible by Apple’s initial iOS 16.4 beta. This is advantageous because you could start seeing Mastodon links in your messages because the number of new accounts on Mastodon increased by 400% in December. The initial iOS 16.4 beta includes a modest change to the Music UI.