iOS 16.4 includes voice isolation for calls on your iPhone

The latest beta version of iOS 16.4 that is already available to developers and that in the future will be available to the general public, now adds a new feature. This is voice isolation for phone calls.

Apple has said that Voice Isolation is responsible for prioritizing the user’s voice and will block the noise of the surrounding environment. Something that translates into a considerable improvement in the quality of telephone calls.

Although this function will benefit the person who is on the other to a greater extent, it will also benefit the iPhone user. This because iPhone voice isolation will make your voice sound much clearer and therefore sound more professional, or at least won’t bother the other subject as much.

Voice isolation already existed on the iPhone

Voice isolation at Apple is by no means a new technology. Well, it had already been introduced years ago on the iPhone for VoIP calls that use FaceTime, WhatsApp and other applications on devices with iOS 15, macOS Monterey or later.

To activate this function the user had to go to the Control center and enter the section “microphone mode”, then choose the option “voice isolation”. Now with iOS 16.4 it will also be available for cellular conversations and can be activated in the same way.

no doubt that this represents a significant improvement in call quality when we are in an environment full of background noise, as is the case of the street. So it will no longer be a problem that the person who calls you can hear you.

It should be noted that the function is currently only available for iPhone users using iOS 16.4 in the beta. Which means that those with devices that support iOS 15 or lower versions will not have access to this tool. However, the possibility that Apple ends up adding it to other operating systems is not ruled out.