iOS 16.4 Is Out With New Features

Apple has published the long-awaited stable version of the iOS 16.4 update for all iPhones that are eligible. The most recent version includes bug fixes as well as the addition of 21 new emojis, expanding the range of expressions and feelings that users may communicate through text messaging. This update also focuses on improving crash detection for the iPhone 14 series, which includes the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Based on the user’s existing iOS version, the size of the iOS 16.4 update may vary. The update will be around 1.8GB in size if the user is on iOS 16.3.1, but it may be as much as 5GB if they are on an earlier version of iOS 16.

What Is New In The iOS 16.4 Update?

The iOS 16.4 update is intended to improve the operating system’s stability. It includes 21 new emojis, which can be accessed via the emoji keyboard and include animals, hand movements, and objects. Another enhancement is the option to add online app alerts to the home screen, making them more accessible to users.

The inclusion of Voice Isolation, which improves phone call quality by prioritizing the user’s speech and decreasing extraneous noise, is one of the significant enhancements in iOS 16.4. The update also contains functionality that allows the iPhone to detect duplicate photographs and movies in the iCloud-shared photo library. In addition to the improvements listed above, iOS 16.4 offers voice-over capability for maps within the weather app. This feature is especially beneficial for visually challenged users, who may now get audio directions for navigating maps.