iOS 16.4 shows the consumption of the Always-On Display

The iPhone and its peculiar version of the Always-On Display brought a lot of controversy for a good handful of months in relation to battery consumption. We remember that the iPhone 14 Pro is the only one of the Apple devices that in its two variants has this always-on screen technology, inherited directly from the Apple Watch.

With the arrival of iOS 16.4, just around the corner, your iPhone will inform you about the battery consumption that is attributed directly to the Always-On Display function. In this way we can be certain about whether or not this system affects the final autonomy of the device.

According to the analyzes carried out, the Always-On Display function of the iPhone 14 Pro is capable of consuming approximately 14% of the total battery, which is a real outrage in cases like the standard model (not Max), which does not exactly enjoy a particularly noteworthy autonomy compared to the others.

In this matter, Apple’s Always-On Display for the iPhone 14 Pro It has not satisfied anyone at all, a functionality that iPhone users have been demanding for many years, taking into account that many Android devices have been offering this configuration even in mid-range devices.

Be that as it may, this new capability of iOS 16.4 It will only serve to drive low consumption fans crazy, becoming one of those statistics that iOS users share in the forums, as if it were a merit.

What is evident is the fact that an always-on screen is going to have a high or low battery consumption, but having a worse autonomy performance is going to be completely inevitable, whatever Apple does. Therefore, yes, you will be able to know how much battery this function consumes, and you will not be able to do anything about it other than deactivate it.