iOS 16.4 will add new features to the Podcast application

Recently Apple announces that iOS 16.4 will add new features for the Podcast app on iPhone, and the same will happen with iPadOS 16.4 and macOS 13.3 for iPad, Mac and CarPlay. The updates are already available in beta, and are expected to be available to the public in the spring.

The first of the changes has to do with the inclusion of a new menu called “Channels”which will offer a list of podcast channels for iPhone, iPad and Mac. This will allow creators to group all their podcasts in one place, making them easier for listeners to discover.

As a second change we have the Next queue will now include episodes saved by listeners in the library and episodes they’ve played from shows they don’t follow. So that you understand it better, here is an example:

When you play an episode of a show you don’t follow, that episode will now stay in the “Next” list until you decide to finish listening to it, mark it as played, or delete it. New episodes of shows you’re following, as well as those you’ve recently saved, will appear at the top of the “Next” queue. While older episodes and those you’ve started listening to will appear towards the end. The latest episodes of recently watched shows will appear at the beginning of Up Next, as will those categorized as “bonus”.

With the third change, users will be able to keep track of how many unplayed episodes they have available. They will be able to know this by paying attention to the upper part of each page of the program. In addition, they will be able to identify the “Early Access” subscription episodes available to them as part of their Apple Podcasts subscriptions and more.

The Podcasts experience in CarPlay will also improve with iOS 16.4

The fourth change has to do with the fact that iOS 16.4 will also include improvements in the Podcasts application for CarPlay. This includes access to the “Next” list and the “Recently Played” list from the “Listen Now” option in CarPlay. In addition, in the “Explore” tab you will find editorially selected podcast recommendations.

If you want to know more details visit the article “What’s new for Apple Podcasts”, Shared post on Apple website.