Apple has confirmed that in a week We will already have available the new update of iOS and iPadOS, version 16.5which is already in the “Release Candidate” version for developers and will arrive with these new features.

It has been in a press release in which the new “Pride Day” straps have been presented and that they arrive accompanied by their respective wallpapers, that Apple has confirmed that they will be available next week with the launch of iOS 16.5. In addition to this wallpaper, some other new features are included, although do not expect big surprises because there is little to highlight in this next update. If you live in the United States or one of the few countries where Apple News is available, you will find a new tab “Sports” where you can see all the latest sports news. Apple News has been running for several years and there is no longer any talk about when it will be available in Spain, Mexico, Argentina or any other Spanish-speaking country. Strange that Apple does not want to take advantage of its subscription service beyond the United States and Canada.

Another novelty is the possibility of being able to start a screen recording using Siri. If you want to record the screen of your iPhone, from iOS 16.5 you will only have to ask Apple’s virtual assistant, the same as when you want to stop recording. Remember that you can too. start a recording using the dedicated button in the Control Center. Screen recordings are very useful to explain to other users how some things are done on the iPhone, since you can even record your own voice while capturing what happens on the screen of your phone.

Little else can be highlighted about an update that it is strange that it bears the name 16.5 and not 16.4.2, since the news is too irrelevant to be an update of a single decimal. It is expected to be the last update between now and Apple to introduce iOS 17. next June during WWDC 2023.