iOS 16 Beta 4- What Do We Know?

After a break of quite a few weeks, Apple recently released the iOS 16 Beta 4 to the app developers on Wednesday. The update that the parent company has introduced does bring in a number of small yet notable changes. There are updates to Messages, customization of the Home Screen, Lock Screen, CarPlay, and a few other features.

For beta testing, the developers and the public beta testers have been using the iOS 16 and the iPadOS 16- and as of right now, the iOS 16 Beta 4 is only available to those who have been registered as developers. The updates are surely going to be released to the general public in September, and the parent company will continue to release the betas until then. It is also important to note that, especially during the early release of the beta, all the improvements and the changes need not be entirely linear. 

Changes Introduced To The iOS 16 Beta 4

One of the biggest changes would be that the iOS 16 Beta 4 will add new limits for the edit as well as the unsend features in Messages. The time limit for unsending messages has gone down from 15 minutes to 2 minutes. One could also now limit their messages to 5 edits and every single edit would be visible to the receiver. One could also customize the amount of time that one takes to unsend an email in the Mail app. Previously, the setting was for just 20 seconds. There have also been quite a few new wallpaper options for CarPlay, which one can easily download for any of their devices through their original coverage. 

Another change brought to the iOS 16 Beta 4 is that when one adjusts the volume of a song in the Music app, the volume bar would now get larger as one changes it. The Now Playing interface on the Lock Screen has also gone through a few edits to come out with bolder fonts and graphics.