iOS 16 Has A New Hidden System That Restricts Specific Features Which Are Based On The Location Of The User

While one can use an iPhone or iPad almost anywhere, there are certain features in iOS 16 that would only be available in certain places. In some cases, it has been mentioned that the restrictions are completely related to the local regulations.

According to a major news site, Apple has started testing a new, far more modern system hidden in it to restrict the very feature that is based on the location of the user. Currently, the tech company uses techniques of hard coding in order to restrict the iOS features in particular locations. This does imply that most of the restrictions are simply tied to the device’s region, either through the software settings- or the origin of the hardware. But the company has made it its priority to create a new, smarter way to determine the user’s location precisely. 

iOS 16 Will Have Newer Features

Based on the findings, the new system has been internally called ‘country’- which was added with iOS 16.2, but it has not yet been used actively for anything so far. It helps in combining multiple data such as the current location through GPS, and country code through the Wi-Fi router, and the information obtained through this SIM card would determine the country of the user. With the combination of all the information, it will definitely become harder for the users to try to bypass the restrictions. Interestingly, it will also make it easier for the device to ignore the restrictions when one travels to a different region. 

In December, Bloomberg had gone on to report that Apple was planning on allowing sideloading on iOS 16 for the first time due to pressure applied by the European Union. For those who are relatively unfamiliar, this is the process of installing third-party apps through alternative methods.