iOS 16 Wallet App: Here Is All We Know

Within the new Apple iOS 16 Wallet, users will soon be able to inspect order receipts, monitor delivery, and confirm transactions. This is how it goes.

Apple revealed new functionality for organizing and tracking order data in the iOS 16 Wallet. The new approach will need to be adopted by merchants and payment processors, but Apple has already stated that Shopify would provide support at launch.

When the user touches on a box symbol in the iOS 16 Wallet app’s upper right corner, the new Orders tab appears. The order receipt and delivery details are automatically updated to that tab whenever clients use Apple Pay at participating merchants.

iOS 16 Wallet App Allows Users To Track Their Purchases

This conduct differs from that of a card like Apple Card, which displays a transaction history in the card menu. Debit and credit cards also display Apple Pay transactions, but these are only ledgers rather than live orders. Every present order is displayed on the Orders page along with a history of earlier orders. To get an itemized receipt and additional data like delivery tracking information, tap on an order. If delivery is connected to an order, users will be notified and receive updates via the app. Each order’s control over this is possible.

Anyone who makes purchases only with their Apple Card or other cards in their Wallet will likely find the new Orders page to be a welcome feature. Customers will benefit greatly from Apple’s further improvements to Wallet and other financial services in terms of ease and security.