iOS 17.1 includes support for the Nintendo Switch N64 controller

Some time ago, Apple added support in iOS for third-party wireless controllers such as those for PlayStation or Xbox to play games on our iPhone, iPads, Macs or Apple TV. Now, With iOS 17.1, we include an iconic controller for that compatibility to play our games. We will include in the list of controls compatible with iOS the famous N64 controller of the Nintendo Switch.

The remake of the original Nintendo 64 controller, which by the way, was released in 1996, the N64 controller, is sold for the price of $50 to Switch Online users. As expected, the remote is not entirely like the original since it does not require a cable and includes new technologies such as USB-C charger, Bluetooth connectivity and vibration support.

X user aaronp613 has dug into the iOS 17 code and has been able to find traces indicating that support has been added for this N64 controller. Furthermore, as has already been done other times, this support is not only given for iOS, but It will also be included in the rest of the ecosystem platforms such as iPadOS, MacOS and tvOS.

To connect it, you will only need to follow the usual third-party remote control connectivity process, in the iPhone’s Bluetooth menu while the controller is in connectivity mode. We find it in the list of available devices and click on the link, it’s that simple.

You must also have the ability to manage and customize controls of the command itself, where, we remind you that you can do it in Settings > General > Remote Control on iOS and iPadOS.

Other great news for the future of gaming in the Apple ecosystem for all users who want to play on these platforms with a controller to which they are accustomed. Good move, Apple.