Customization of iOS and iPadOS began to grow with the release of iOS 16. From that point on, including the arrival of iOS 17, it has allowed users to tailor their devices to their liking. For example, the lock screen can be customized with random images that change periodically. However, in iOS 16 we could not choose a specific album for those photos to appear randomly. The arrival of iOS 17.1 will allow you to select a certain album and those photos will appear randomly on the lock screen.

One more step in customizing the lock screen in iOS 17.1

iOS 16 included the random photos on the lock screen, a curious and dynamic way of customize your lock screen. Among the options that allowed configuration was the selection of photos of people (and we could select which people), if we wanted nature and cities to also appear. In this way, iOS analyzed the images in our camera roll and modified the wallpaper periodically (every hour, every day, by tapping or blocking), without the possibility of choosing a certain album and those photos were the ones that rotated around the screen.

iOS 17.1 Beta 1

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All the news in beta 1 of iOS 17.1

With the arrival of the first beta of iOS 17.1 for developers It seems that that has changed. Apple has introduced random photo background settings within the settings the possibility of selecting a specific album. And the photos included within that album will be the ones that appear with a certain frequency. It is one more step towards the personalization of our devices and, above all, a forceful response to the requests of users who longed for an option like this.

Still, the user can also mix photographs of people, nature and cities, But the interesting thing is that the user himself makes use of this new function to create an album with the photos that he would really like to appear and it was not iOS that would randomly select them.