A few days ago, beta 3 was launched for developers of iOS 17.1 and the rest of the operating systems. This update is essential for many reasons but above all for The iPhone 12 from France, given that will solve the radiation problem which we have been talking about for a long time. Apple has still assured that the iPhone 12 has been and will be safe for users and that the specific problem in France is due to different standards of the Agence Française Nationale des Fréquences (ANFR) compared to international ones.

The iPhone 12 will limit its functions in iOS 17.1 to fix the radiation problem

Apple has published a support note on its official website explaining the problem in detail and ensuring that the solution will arrive shortly. In order to understand it, you have to know that iPhones have sensors that They can detect whether they are on a static surface rather than on a hand or pocket. These sensors allow the device to slightly increase power to optimize performance when not in contact with the body.

iPhone 12 purple

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This increased power when the iPhone is not in contact with the body is the central axis of the note issued by the ANFR. Apple ensures that international regulations reflect different tests in two situations: when the device is not in contact with the user and when it is. However, the ANFR requires that devices comply with all radiation limits both statically and when we are in contact with them.

Therefore, the Apple solution will arrive in iOS 17.1 and will adapt the iPhone 12 to the specific ANFR protocol that will prevent this increase in power. This change, they say from Cupertino, will affect sometimes where the mobile data signal is low whose performance could be lower. But they claim that users will not notice any impact.