Apple is currently officially testing the betas of watchOS 10.4, iOS 17.4, iPadOS 17.4 and visionOS 1.1, among others. This way of testing new features through developers is effective because it allows Apple to debug the software and find new bugs. However, there may be other updates and new versions in development without needing to be in beta. Apparently, Apple is testing iOS 17.3.1 internally, an update that would arrive in the month of February for fix security bugs before the official launch of iOS 17.4 in March.

A security update that could arrive soon: iOS 17.3.1

One of the ways that exist to detect a new version of iOS without having to be in beta period is through the website traffic statistics. It is something that MacRumors has controlled for several years since they usually detect new versions by browsing their portal and, weeks later, they are officially launched. This is what happened a few months ago with iOS 17.2.1 or iOS 17.0.3.

iOS 17.4

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Apparently they have been detected new devices with iOS 17.3.1 browsing some sections from MacRumors, which seems to indicate that Apple is testing this new version internally. This new update will be a minor update with a solution to security errors that require an earlier solution since iOS 17.4 will be released throughout the month of March.

If we take a look at the iOS version history we see how iOS 16.3.1 released on February 13, 2023 are bug fixes around iCloud features and optimization of the Shock Detection feature starting with iPhone 14. Further back, iOS 15.3.1 was released on February 10, 2022 with bug fixes around the WebKit development kit. And finally, if we look back at iOS 14.3.1 it was released on January 28, 2021. That is, we are in a window period in which it is feasible for Apple to launch iOS 17.3.1.