The new wireless charging standard, Qi2, heir to Apple's MagSafe, left behind only one iPhone model with MagSafe, the iPhone 12. After the release of iOS 17.4, all iPhones with MagSafe are now compatible with Qi2.

The similarities between MagSafe and Qi2 are not by chance. Apple has been one of the main promoters of the new wireless charging standard that is gradually reaching the market and that all manufacturers will now be able to use without having to pay for any type of certification from Apple. Charging power reaches 15W and the magnets that secure the phone in the perfect position ensure that energy transmission is as efficient as possible today, so heat generation and energy loss are less than conventional wireless charging. If you know the MagSafe system you will think that it is the same as what we had with this system, and indeed it is, the only difference is that it is no longer owned by Apple, the Qi2 is universal.

Well there was another difference: the iPhone 12 (and Pro models) are compatible with Apple's MagSafe system, but not with Qi2… until now. Although we do not have official confirmation from Apple, tests carried out by MacWorld (link) confirm that iPhone 12 models are compatible with Qi2 chargers, achieving the same charging power (15W) as with the MagSafe system, something that before iOS 17.4 did not occur. Let us remember that the iPhone 13 and 14 achieved this compatibility with iOS 17.2, while the iPhone 15 was already compatible with Qi2 since its launch. That is, with this new update, all iPhones compatible with the MagSafe system are now also compatible with the most modern wireless charging standard, good news for everyone.