iOS 17 could include interactive widgets on the home screen

In a few weeks we will have with us the first beta for developers of iOS and iPadOS 17, hours after the presentation at the opening keynote of WWDC23. However, users not subscribed to the program will have to wait for the public beta that will be launched around the month of July. These new operating systems seemed that they were not going to include great news, but in the last hours it seems that this is changing. iOS 17 most likely include new widgets for the home screen, but with a peculiarity: these widgets will be interactive.

Interactive widgets, one step further with iOS 17

For many, the widgets that we currently have with us will be a very common element in our devices. However, this has not been the case forever. Apple introduced widgets in iOS 14 but with very defined lines of action and no interactivity. The reason? Most likely device optimization and battery saving. Apple later introduced lock screen widgets in iOS 16.

iOS 16

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The latest information from various sources point to that Apple might be testing interactive widgets on the home screen. These widgets would allow user interaction with buttons, sliders, sliding elements, etc. The objective? Provide more utility to the user without having to access the application to carry out a specific action.

The leakers claim that these tests are taking place in the Cupertino barracks. However, there is nothing confirmed “no way”. But little is left for confirmation within Apple since in just two months the first view of iOS 17 will be presented and it is very interesting that the interactive widgets are a good icing on the cake.

Image – Reddit