iOS 17 Developer Beta: Apple Preventing Users From Getting Access 

Apple is now working on releasing iOS 17 Developer Beta. In preparation, the firm has begun rolling out a new menu in the Settings App that will prevent people from accessing the iOS 17 Developer Beta on their iPhones. With the release of iOS 16.4 beta, Apple included a new Beta Update option to the iPhone’s Settings app. The Software Update submenu of the General menu is where you will find the latest additions. As a reminder, people who have signed up as Apple developers may see the developer beta updates before they are released to the general public. The Apple Developer Program has a one-time fee of $99 (USD).

Apple Will Not Allow Unauthorized iOS 17 Developer Beta Downloads 

Members of the Apple Developer Program will be able to enable iOS developer betas from the iPhone’s Settings menu. Formerly, profile installation required visiting Apple’s developer website. Until you install the profile, your iPhone will not receive the beta developer update. Yet Apple wants to enhance the user experience and prevent malicious actors from installing developer beta upgrades. If you joined the Apple Developer Program using the same Apple ID that you use to sign into your iPhone, you will have the option to download Beta updates.

To enable developer betas in future versions of iOS, Apple has indicated that the beta update menu will be the sole option. The smartphone manufacturer also notes that the provisioning profiles would no longer provide early access to software upgrades for developers. As previously stated, the beta update menu will make it impossible for anybody who is not part of Apple’s developer program to get the iOS 17 beta for free.