iOS 17 Rumored to Come with Wallet and Find My Improvements

Until now there is not much data on iOS 17. The most reliable sources have warned that it will be a version focused on updating the main system applications. However, on The MacRumors Show podcast, Mark Gurman said there would be changes to the Wallet and Find My Improvements apps.

Gurman further compared iOS 17 to iOS 15, to the extent that do not expect revolutionary changes or new outstanding features like the lock screen of iOS 16 or the widgets of iOS 14.

Also, he mentioned that he expects the trial installation to be an exclusive feature in Europe, this in order to comply with the Digital Markets Law.

Other rumors from Mark Gurman

Gurman is a Bloomberg technology reporter with a long track record of accurately reporting Apple’s production plans.. With over a decade of Apple coverage, the reports it delivers are often accurate, and its claims often set expectations for upcoming products.

Previously, he said that watchOS 10 will be the biggest update to watchOS since its launch. However, I comment that I would not compare it to the update jump that occurred in the case of iOS 6 to iOS 7 in 2013.

He also has no expectations that the core design of the platform will change, although apparently there will be many more ways to interact and use the system. Also, he said that he has not heard any information to support the presence of app folders.

Finally, Gurman pointed out that macOS 14 will not be a significant update, much less innovative. Well, he believes that Apple is focused on only supporting the features of its other operating systems for a consistent cross-platform experience.

If you want to know more rumors from Gurman’s hand, We invite you to listen to his most recent episodes of The MacRumors Show on YouTube and Apple Podcasts.