The next version of Apple’s operating system for iPhone and iPad, iOS 17 (and iPadOS 17) It will bring a number of important changes less than what had initially been proposed in Cupertino. Guilty? Neither more nor less than the next Virtual/Augmented Reality device that will arrive at the end of the year.

Apple has spent years working on its Mixed Reality glasses (Augmented and Virtual) and on the operating system that will accompany them, currently called xrOS (unofficial). Now that its launch seems imminent, scheduled for the end of this year, Mark Gurman ensures that all attention is focused on the development of these glasses and its operating system, and therefore the improvements planned in the company’s roadmap for iOS 17 have been reduced.

In his new weekly newsletter, Power On (link), Mark Gurman says that iOS 17, currently internally called “Dawn,” could end up with “fewer major changes than originally planned” as Apple is focusing more on xrOS, as we tell you, the operating system that the company’s Mixed Reality glasses will carry. In addition that reduction of changes It will also affect macOS 14, the operating system for Mac computers.and which at the moment has the internal name of «Sunburst».

At this point it is important to remember that Apple’s latest release of iPhone and iPad software hasn’t been without its problems, getting to cause the delay of iPadOS with respect to iOS for the first time in history. Stage Manager, present exclusively on iPadOS and macOS, had serious malfunctions that caused both operating systems to be released much later than iOS. It is therefore not surprising that with a launch as important as that of Apple’s Mixed Reality glasses they want to go carefully and not make important mistakes in the updates for the rest of the devices.