New rumors about iOS 17 published on Weibo ensure that there will be improvements to the iPhone lock screen, Apple Music and the App Libraryas well as the Control Center.

An article posted on Weibo has leaked supposed improvements that iOS 17 will bring to the iPhone. Like all rumors, it must be taken with caution, but it is the same account that predicted that the iPhone 14 would be launched in yellow, which was finally true, so we must give some credibility to the data it shows us. According to this account iOS 17 will bring new features to the iPhone and its lock screenwhich will now have options to change the size of the text that is displayed on the screen, as well as a new option that will allow us to share the design of our lock screen with other users, in a similar way to what we can already do with the spheres of our Apple Watch.

There will also be changes in Apple Music, one that also affects the lock screen, and that is that now we can view the lyrics of the songs with the phone locked, something that until now is only possible with it unlocked and the Apple Music application open . The Apps eMusic application will have some design changes, making it simpler, something that many users will surely appreciate. Another improvement that many requested has to do with the Application Library, which will allow the user to rename folders that are created automatically. We must also add some changes to the Control Center that were already rumored a few weeks ago, and the possibility of changing the brightness of the iPhone’s flashlight freely, not like now that only allows four predefined points.

Let’s remember that according to rumors the changes of iOS 17 are going to be few, so We should not expect much more news than what we announce here regarding the system. Yes, it has been rumored about new native applications for Mental Health or to write a personal Diary. Despite these rumors, expectations are always high and as we get closer to the WWDC date, on June 5, surely more data will arrive about this next update for our iPhone.