iOS 18 and AI: proactive intelligence, notification summary and more

Apple is putting all the meat on the grill for the arrival of the new operating systems at WWDC24. Without a doubt, these last few months are laying the foundations for what will be Apple's most intelligent operating systems since its inception. We already know that entire data centers are being assembled with Apple Silicon chips to monitor and support the AI ​​functions of new systems like iOS 18. Additionally, Mark Gurman has revealed some of these functions: enhance conversation with Siri, summarize notifications, voice memo transcription, AI-based photo editing and much more.

Apple in check for its commitment to privacy in iOS 18 and its AI

Artificial intelligence is a new market that Apple has not fully entered in recent years. In fact, Gurman comments that his Sunday newsletter is below its competitors. for its commitment to the protection of privacy and the non-collection of user data. AI is responsible for personalizing itself for each user using their information and if Apple does not collect data, the artificial intelligence functions will be of lower quality and less effective than the company:

Apple deliberately does both (privacy and non-data collection) as part of its efforts to protect privacy and security. But they don't always offer the best experience.

iOS 18

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Apple creates its own data centers for iOS 18 Artificial Intelligence

This could change in iOS 18 as Apple could continue to provide AI functions that run on the same device and launch a series of functions and tools that need to connect to their servers, which they are building with the latest AI-focused Apple Silicon chips.

Generative AI iOS 18

Gurman assures that Apple is not planning to launch a chatbot in the near future, which would be a great disappointment to a large number of users who expect a kind of ChatGPT in iOS 18. Apparently Apple's technology is not as advanced as to offer a quality service like the OpenAI or Google chatbot. However, Tim Cook and his team will partner with OpenAI to offer ChatGPT capabilities to alleviate the effects of users longing for a native chatbot.

OpenIA and Apple

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Apple will try not to disappoint users who expect great features

On the other hand, Apple plans to launch automatic notification summary functions, quick article summaries, voice memo transcription and enhance what they have called proactive intelligence. This new concept suggests that iOS 18 will anticipate users by monitoring the data that reaches the device and completing the calendar and other applications based on the data collected. Gurman also talks about AI-based image editing functions, but far below those presented by photography-focused companies such as Adobe.

Really, Apple's problem is that it has great hardware that is updated at a rapid pace, but the software is not only based on modifying native applications with new designs, but also on laying the foundations for a greater evolution based on a strategic plan. And that is what Apple has to try if it wants users to not feel cheated by the few artificial intelligence functions that seem to finally arrive in iOS 18 and the new operating systems.