We are only two weeks away from WWDC, where Apple will present iOS 18 with, as you already know, new AI features, home screen customization possibilities and more functionalities in native apps in addition to others that we still don't know about. According to a new publication, One of the new “AI highlight features” will be the ability to use artificial intelligence to “create custom emojis”.

In the latest edition of its Power On newsletter, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman tells us what to expect from iOS 18 and macOS 15. In addition to AI features for notifications, Photos, Notes, and more, Apple also plans to make this emoji creation tool be one of the most prominent among users. Just like Animojis were in their day.

Apple already adds new emojis to the iPhone every year with iOS updates. For example, iOS 17.4 in March added new emoji characters to our iPhones. This new generative AI feature should mean that users will no longer have to wait for those annual updates to unlock more emoji customization. However, we will have to see how this is managed with the rest of the platforms so that they can be viewed on the rest of the terminals.

On the other hand, Gurman continues to insist that iOS 18 will allow users to recolor application icons for total home screen customization. The update is expected to also allow users place app icons and widgets more freely on your home screen, instead of being determined by the current fixed aligned grid so characteristic of iOS that has until now marked the lines of users' home screens.

Every day we are more excited to see all the surprises that iOS 18 and Apple are going to present to us. There is very little left.