We continue to understand little by little more the functionalities that Apple introduced at WWDC and those that users have been finding in the first Beta of iOS 18. Now it is the turn of the load limit that iOS 18 introduces. And the fact is that, to users of an iPhone 15 onwards, iOS 18 will recommend setting a charging limit based on recent device usage that they have done.

Setting this charge limit could potentially improve the iPhone's battery life as it will reduce the time in which the iPhone is fully charged. How are we going to be able to do it? Let's go with it. First we have to know that Currently the iPhone already allows you to establish a charging limit of 80% with iOS 17 (that is, your iPhone when you put it on charge will never exceed 80%). This is expanded in iOS 18 to 3 additional values: 85, 90 and 95%.

Taking into account these new limits determined by iOS 18, the operating system itself (and proactively, by yourself) tIt will suggest that you set one of these upload limit levels based on the use you have made of your device. Learn from us to improve the useful life of our batteries. And that It will do so by means of a notification.

This recommendation will also appear, as you can imagine, in the Settings application in the Battery and Charging section. This functionality is currently still exclusive to iPhone 15 models and abovesince it has not been found (at the moment) on any iPhone 14 Pro or earlier.

Apple remains committed to improving our battery life on a daily basis by optimizing iOS for the available hardware, but also that the durability of the devices is greater and one of the weak points is the battery. A great measure of iOS 18 that, for those people who do not require 100% on a day-to-day basis and who arrive with a good % at bedtime, will surely find them It goes a long way in keeping your devices healthy for longer.