Yesterday, and again Gurman, talked about what we can expect from iOS 18 and it's ALL good news. And it is that iOS 18 is expected to be the “biggest iOS update since it was released with the original iPhone” as the analyst comments in his weekly newsletter. At the next WWDC Apple would present a much more customizable user interface and integrated AI functions, but let's not expect an integrated Chat-GPT, no. Generative AI functions that help us in our daily lives and focused on productivity.

One of the main novelties that iOS 18 will bring a (big) facelift for our Homescreens. We will have the possibility of making them more personal thanks to the possibility of leaving spaces between apps and set any app or widget anywhere on the screen, opening an infinite range of possibilities for customization. And yes, it is something that Android has already had for many years.

Another main focus will be generative AI for the largest iOS update to date. iOS 18 will focus on integrate generative AI functionalities focused on improving our daily lives, to make ourselves more productive with different apps. In addition, Apple would integrate Gemini (Google's AI) as the “chatbot” service a la Chat-GPT.

iOS 18 will be shown for the first time at WWDC 2024 in June, where we will also see that this year Apple does not make major improvements to watchOS but yes in visionOS 2.0. All this, of course, according to the leaks that Mark Gurman may have received.

It seems like a very interesting year to (finally) notice a change in iOS UI and UX. Personalization. New features. A different way to handle our iPhone. At last. A facelift was needed and it comes in the best possible way in iOS 18. Great success, Apple.