iOS 18 will bring a revolution in Siri, but will it reach Spain?

Apple wants to make its assistant more advanced, enhanced with Artificial Intelligence and finally surpassing its rivals, however, will it be a novelty for everyone, or will only a few be able to enjoy it?

Siri in iOS 18, for everyone?

During 2024 we will see many new developments associated with AI, and, among them, the new Siriwho is believed to have the biggest change since it exists, however, even though everyone is happy with it, I have a lot of doubts, and one of which is very important, at least for Hispanics .

And it would be precisely the language. We are tired of seeing Apple news exclusive to the English languagesuch as precisely being able to change Siri's voice for a personalized one, something that you have to do in her language, without the possibility of doing it in Spanish, as well as many other functions.

And we don't have to go far. The Vision Pro, in addition to being sold exclusively in the United States, something that may make sense, are also only available in one language, English. And in America the second most spoken language is ours, but it seems that Apple is not interested.

This is why I have many doubts about the new AI. Will it work for all languages?, will it have exclusive characteristics of a language? Today we can interact better with Siri in English than in Spanish, and everything indicates that it will continue like this, with this first being the one that they train and improve, trying to sell us a revolution of their assistant that, unfortunately, and I hope I am wrong, only It will help you if you speak English.

It is likely that, over time, as they do in all their releases, they will add new languages, functions, etc., however, they will never be the same, and on top of that we will have to wait to be able to try them.

change siri voice

In summary, Siri 2.0 is close to arriving. With iOS 18 we will discover a never-before-seen assistant, but will it be only for English speakers, or will Apple surprise us and include other languages ​​with the same quality of service?

We have very little left to know more details. If the deadlines are met like every year, before the summer we will already have the presentation of the first news and general features of iOS 18, where we should talk about Siri. And later the launch of its betas, where it can now be tested, even in a basic way, and where obviously We will see if Spanish is one of those chosen languagesor we will have to interact in English.

And you, what do you think of all this? Do you think I'm right or, on the contrary, Apple is going to shut my mouth and launch these new features for everyone? Leave us your opinion and bet, let's see who gets it right. I hope I'm wrong, honestly. I wouldn't care at all.