iOS Messages “Trick” Lets Users Hide Messages From Unknown Senders

Do you have the same trouble with the iOS Messages inbox filling up with one-time passwords, spam, and every other kind of advertisement message you can imagine from unknown numbers? Then, you know how difficult it can be to find conversations that are actually useful and contain important information in all that.

But fear not. @ambre_skye, a user on TikTok, has shared a solution that will solve the problem.

The Ingenious Trick For iOS Messages

The TikToker, in his video, showed how users of iOS Messages have a feature especially designed by Apple that deals with this problem. The particular iOS Messages features let users hide messages that have been sent by unknown numbers.

However, this “trick” does not mean that your Messages app will automatically block messages coming from companies and people that are not in your contacts. It is not a way of blocking spam. However, it will be extremely helpful in keeping your iOS Messages inbox streamlined. Of course, should the feature not be to your liking, you all also have the option to turn it off later.

Turning on the iOS Messages feature is not very difficult. First, update your iOS to the most recent version available for your device. You can do so by navigating to Settings, then General, and then Software Update. There, your device will inform you whether there are any updates available.

After that, navigate to Messages in Settings. Scroll down till you find “Message Filtering”. Inside that heading, you will find the option to turn on/off “Filter Unknown Senders”.

Now, when you go to your iOS Messages inbox, press “Filters”. It is in the top left corner. This will give you the option to filter messages based on Known/Unknown Senders. To hide unknown senders, just press Known Senders in these options. Voila, be amazed at how clean your inbox looks now!