iPad 10 Taken Apart By Ifixit: Reveals Apple’s Weird Choices

Website for do-it-yourself repairs Today, iFixit released a video dissection of Apple’s iPad 10, giving viewers an inside look at the tablet and explaining why it doesn’t support the second-generation Apple Pencil. The inside structure of the iPad 10 is revealed by the deconstruction, which also includes information about its two-cell, 7,606 mAh battery, logic board, and other components. As expected, the breakdown reveals that parts for the iPad’s front camera, which is mounted in landscape orientation, are located where the second-generation Apple Pencil’s wireless charging coil would have been.

iPad 10 Has Questionable Components

As a result, only the first-generation Apple Pencil is compatible with iPad 10, and an adapter is needed for connection and charging. The sixth-generation iPad mini and fifth-generation iPad Air both include stretch-release battery pull tabs, which makes it simpler for customers and repair shops to change the battery on the iPad. iFixit has confirmed this. In contrast, several earlier iPads like the iPad from the ninth generation feature battery cells that are cemented in. The fact that the iPad’s USB-C port is soldered to the logic board has frustrated iFixit, and the lack of iPad parts, manuals, or equipment in Apple’s self-service repair program makes it more difficult for customers to perform their repairs.

In late October, Apple unveiled the 10th-generation iPad. A14 Bionic chip, USB-C port, Touch ID power button, landscape-oriented FaceTime camera, 5G support on cell lines, Wi-Fi 6, and a new two-piece Magic Keyboard Folio device with a row of function keys is a few of the key new features. Another is a 10.9-inch display with thin bezels and flat edges. While the ninth-generation iPad is still available for $329, pricing starts at $449.