iPad accessories you have to have

Apple has long emphasized the power of the iPad to become the primary work device for many users. It is true that they are becoming more powerful and the possibilities they offer are fantastic, however, in order to achieve this goal it is necessary to surround the iPad with the best accessories. Therefore, in this post you will find those that, from La Manzana Mordida, we consider the most appropriate.

Accessories to turn your iPad into a work machine

When using the iPad as a work computer, for the vast majority of users the most important accessory is undoubtedly the keyboard, and fortunately there are a number of options on the market that combine wonderfully with this device. The first of them is obviously that of Apple, and that is that the Magic KeyboardThanks to its design and, above all, thanks to its trackpad, it allows you to use the iPad as if it were a computer. How could it be otherwise, the Magic Keyboard is available for both 11 or 10.9-inch models, as well as 12.9-inch models. However, another of the best options is offered by Logitech, with its Logitech MX Keys miniideal to be able to use the iPad as a fixed work equipment.

In case you choose the Magic Keyboard, having a trackpad you probably don’t need to use a mouse, but with the Logitech keyboard it is necessary. Well, one of the options with the best quality/price ratio that you can find on the market is, once again, from Logitech. He pebble mouse It has a perfect size, as well as being able to connect via Bluetooth with your iPad. You have it available in different colors, so if you want to match it, for example with your iPad Air, you can do it without problems.

The versatility of the iPad allows you to use it as if it were a laptop, but also surround it in such a way that it looks like a stationary computer at home, and for this the magnetic support offered by the LULULOOK brand it is ideal. You will not need to have any other gadget, since it will automatically magnetize itself as soon as you bring it closer to the support. In addition, it allows you to put it both horizontally and vertically, perfect for adjusting the position of the iPad according to your needs.

USB-C hub + iPad

Another of the accessories that cannot be missing with your iPad are the USB-C hub, and it is that these, despite seeming insignificant, are key to being able to connect to this equipment any other device with which to work. From a microphone to any memory card to be able to pass and use the photos you have taken with your camera. In this case we are left with two options, the first is the brand GKEAPZA that will be completely attached to the equipment, offering a very minimalist and uniform aesthetic next to the iPad. On the other hand, and perhaps something more traditional, is the option of UGREENwhich offers a wide variety of ports, yes, the Hub will be hanging from the iPad, something less aesthetic but sometimes it can be even more useful.