iPad Air: The Best Overall Tablet Should Be Getting Better

Time seemed to pass very differently during the pandemic era. The iPad Air 4 is already the most ancient model in the current catalog of Apple. So, with the iPad Air 5, what are the upgrades we can look forward to?

A Low-Down On The iPad Air 5

Apple is getting ready for its upcoming event in spring. During that event, Apple fans are expecting a host of new devices. These include all new Macs, an iPhone SE, the new Air 5, and maybe, just maybe, one more update to iPad models. Well, that’s what the regulatory filings say at least.

Among these new updates, the iPad Air 5 has not received as much attention as the others. However, the iPad Air is undoubtedly the most popular choice among the majority of students and enterprise professionals. So here is everything we already know.

Now, don’t get us wrong – the Air 4 is an amazing tablet. It does not weigh as much as the iPad Pro, however, Apple packs in a lot for the cost. When it was released, the only major disadvantage it had when compared to the iPad Pros on the lower-end was its less memory.

But since then, iPad Pros have gotten a graphical, memory, as well as a display update. Now, the gap between the iPad Pro and the iPad Air has never been bigger. So where can the new iPad Air improve?

Well, they will be the technologies stated above: the display, memory, and processor. A better camera for FaceTime can be expected. The processor will also most certainly get an upgrade. There can also be new colors on offer, but that is not something major for enterprise users. Of course, they are also expected to support 5G.