iPad mini mini price, thanks to this Amazon discount

The sixth-generation iPad mini now has a discounted price on Amazon, thanks to an offer that was recently published. If you are looking for a compact and powerful tablet, and at the same time you want to pay less for it, in this post we are going to show you all the models that are available for less money right now.

The iPad mini has an 8.3-inch screen, has the renewed design of thin frames on the front, USB type C connection and compatibility with the second generation Apple Pencil. It is a versatile tablet with which we can enjoy the best of the Apple ecosystem, in a smaller format.

This is what the discounted iPad mini costs now

The first model that we have right now for less money on Amazon is the configuration with 64GB of internal storage space and Wi-Fi connection. The color is Mauve. The usual price for this configuration in the Apple Store is 649 euros. However, right now it is available with an 8% discount, which puts it at only €594, so we will be paying 55 euros less.

If you think 64GB is going to fall short, perhaps the best option for you is to go for a higher capacity. The 6th generation iPad mini is currently available in two internal storage capacities: 64GB, the most basic, and 256GB, the highest level.

The same model in Mauve color, connection Wi-Fi and 256GB internal storage has a usual Apple price of 849 euros. but now thanks to the 9% discount it has on Amazon it is in the €774. So we are going to be paying 75 euros less for it.

The top-of-the-range model also costs less on Amazon

In addition to the WIU-Fi only connection, all iPads can also be purchased with a mobile data network connection. The Wi-Fi + Cellullar models allow you to have a data plan, using a SIM card, to be able to have internet coverage whenever you want, without having to depend on an iPhone to share the internet.

These models have a higher price, and in the case of the iPad mini, if we want to configure it with mobile data and 256GB of internal storage space we will be exceeding 1,000 euros in price. In fact, the colored iPad mini Mauve, Wi-Fi + Cellular and 256GB of internal space has a price of 1,049 euros in the Apple Store.

But we are talking about offers, so we will be paying a lower amount. Therefore, thanks to the 9% discount it now has on Amazon, its final price is just 959 euros. So we are going to be paying 90 euros less.

Add an Apple Pencil, also paying less

The sixth generation iPad mini is compatible with Apple Pencil 2. Thanks to this compatibility, our iPad becomes the most portable digital notebook. Or in a sketchbook. Or also, a versatile and powerful tool for retouching multimedia elements.

ipad mini 6

Thanks to the new design of the Apple Pencil we have greater and better response, as well as better integration with the design on the body of the iPad. An example is the magnetic charging and link, since it is held on the side of the tablet and will not fall, in addition to being compatible with the vast majority of cases that exist for the device. The second generation Apple Pencil has a regular price of 149 in the Apple Store, but thanks to this offer from Amazon, It remains at €135.