iPad Pro from 2018 in 2023

Usually, whenever we talk about user experiences, we tend to go to the most current devices, losing sight of others that many users continue to use today, therefore, in this post I want to tell you about my experience with the 2018 iPad Pro, which I’ve been using it for years and it’s still with me to this day.

My experience working with him

Before entering the debate on whether it is really worth buying today or not, I want to tell you about my experience with it. First of all, I think the most important thing is that you know what do i use for this device, and if something stands out in this type of equipment, it is the versatility that it offers users to be able to use it for really different tasks. Sometimes the iPad becomes my computer to work and develop these articlesobviously I accompany it with a keyboard, in this case the Apple Magic Keyboard.

If we talk about accessories, another one that cannot be missing with this equipment is the Apple Pencil, which I also use daily to be able to plan content for other clients and even, to be able organize and plan each and every video and podcast that I upload to my social networks. In addition, another point that must be highlighted is the large number of apps that make life easier when carrying out any task with the iPad.

Another of the tasks that I perform very regularly with the 2018 iPad Pro is the photo editing, and it is that as a content creator having such a portable equipment, it is the 11-inch one and with which you can work anywhere and at any time is a real comfort. And of course, the consumption of multimedia content is another of the uses to which I dedicate this device.

Do I recommend it in 2023?

Once you know my use with this equipment, it must be emphasized that I carry out each and every one of the tasks that I have mentioned to you without any type of limitation, and that is saying a lot, since we are talking about a 2018 equipment. i.e. 5 years ago. Its 11-inch screen, with 120 Hz and the color calibration it has is perfect, its power is more than enough for all the tasks I perform, and also, the physical condition of the equipment is perfect.

AirPods Pro on iPad

Having said that, Is it worth buying this equipment now?The answer, although it may seem contradictory, is no. In the end, as I have told you, it is a team that is 5 years old, so surely in a few years no longer receive more updates, and one of the important points when buying a piece of equipment with these characteristics is to take into account the support it will receive over the next few years, and that is that in the end the iPad is a piece of equipment that is used for many years, this is a great example of this, so you have to keep in mind that software updates that are going to come out in the future can be installed on your computer. Therefore, despite the fact that at the performance level it is ideal for 2023, it would not be so recommended due to the years of updates that this team may have left.