iPads will not be able to download applications outside of the App Store

As we have been saying for days, the new Law marked by the European Union will force Apple to reduce its limitations, however, this change, which seemed like it would be general, will only affect iPhones.

And Tim Cook's company is not stupid, and this regulation has been read very well, which only requires mobile devices to comply with it, which is why they are not going to open their hand any more. what you need.

iPad will not have Sideloading

We have already seen the first beta of iOS 17.4 where the download of applications external to Apple is allowed, however, as we said, it will only affect iPhones, so if you have an iPad, it doesn't matter if you are in Europe or abroad, no. You will have more options, and you will continue using your tablet as before.

This not only affects external downloads, but also all the functions that Sideloading brings with it, among which is the ability to choose the default browser, the opening of NFC technology, or the browser using its own rendering engine. .

That is, Apple will try to keep its ecosystem closed on most devices where it is not required to do so. It is something that does not surprise us, since it cannot be done on iPhone if you are outside the EU, that is, if they are doing it it is not for pleasure, but to comply with the Law.

All of this has to be applied before March 6, at which time the next version of iOS and iPadOS should already be released, although the changes in the latter will be insignificant, since it is designed exclusively for these reasons.

We will see if Europe does not take action on the matter. Apple has wanted to be smarter than them and the only thing it can achieve is that a new future Law be applied where it is also forced to open its ecosystem on all devices. For now on Mac it was already possible, and along with the iPhone, we would only have the iPad as the main device covered by these standards.


We understand that for Apple it can be a great loss of income. There are many iPad developers and artists who could download apps for free without having to check out, and that hurts Tim Cook, so they will take advantage of the Law until the last moment.

In summary, If you have an iPad, don't be so happy, Sideloading won't reach you, and you will have to continue using your equipment with the same restrictions as until now. We will see what happens in the near future, but for now Apple has already spoken.

And you, what do you think of this Apple strategy? Do you see that if they are not obliged, they do not apply the rule to iPads? Or, on the contrary, do you think it is time to be able to do what you want with a device that you have paid for and is it yours? Leave us a comment with your opinion.