iPhone 11 in 2023, is it a good idea?

One of the best-selling iPhone devices, or rather, the iPhone has undoubtedly been the iPhone 11, a device that, despite the passing of the years, continued to be attractive enough for those who wanted a good, beautiful smartphone. and cheap, they had the best possible option in this model. But the question is, is it still a good option in 2023?

What does the iPhone 11 offer?

There can be no doubt that the iPhone 11 has really been a success for Appleand it is that surely to realize this it is not necessary to look at the official units sold of this equipment, although it is not that we can know that information from one moment to another, but it is that if you pay a little attention on the street, Surely you will find a lot of people whose iPhone is just this, the iPhone 11.

The success of this device is given by how balanced it is at the level of benefits and of course price. His 6.1 inch screenwhich despite being LCD offers great performance and, above all, the battery that it was able to offer at the time, conquered users who did not want or need to purchase the top-of-the-range iPhone. Besides, his double chamber He also behaved and behaves, obviously, really well during the day, although yes, at night he suffers a bit.

Furthermore, as to power It was not a device that worked slowly, much less, quite the contrary, one of its hallmarks was the fluidity and how well this equipment worked, which had a more moderate price both than its older brothers and the following generations that have gone arriving. In fact, the success has been so resounding that until the iPhone 14 has arrived, Apple has not removed the iPhone from its Apple Store, so we can clearly say that this team has been without a doubt one of the best iPhone in relation quality / price. Remember that since it is a new device, you do not have to delete the Apple ID account from the iPhone.

our conclusion

The passing of time and years does not forgive nothing or anyone, and unfortunately the iPhone 11 in this sense is no exception. It has been for years, as we have mentioned, one of the most suitable options for the vast majority of users, however, the same cannot be said today. The problem with the iPhone 11 is not what it is capable of doing, since it continues to have very good features for an undemanding public, however, by have more than 3 yearsThe number of updates The future that it will support will not be very large, so if you want an iPhone that will last you many years, this is not the best option, since models like the iPhone 12 or 13, which are cheaper than the current ones, will come in handy better.

iPhone 11 colors

However, for those people who want a very cheap iPhone to do the simplest things with it, such as sending messages through a messaging app, receiving and making calls, checking social networks at some point of the day and take a photo sporadically, there yes that the iPhone 11, for the price it has, is worth it. Yes indeed, You won’t find it in the Apple Storeso you will have to buy it in other stores like MediaMarkt, which also does not have a bad price.