iPhone 11 or iPhone XR in 2023 Which one to buy?

design, very similar

Both devices have similar Design, with curved edges, Face ID and the same panel quality. However, the differences regarding the design lie in the back. The iPhone XR has a single lens and the iPhone 11 has a double chamber and above all, the wide angle, an aspect that gives a great leap in quality to your photographs.

In short, the design is practically the same, so if you have both devices facing you, it would be very hard to differentiate Which of the two is each version, and this is obviously something that you have to keep in mind, or rather, that you don’t have to worry about, since in the end you won’t care if you take one or the other, because when you look at them they will be practically the same exception of the number of cameras they have on the back.

Differences in hardware and software

The battery of both devices work really well, leading to a duration of more than a day without problems. It is true that the better optimization of the iPhone 11h processor means that it has better resource management, giving rise to a difference not so much in the first months of use, but when the battery begins to degrade. The iPhone 11 has a chip more powerful, specifically, the A13 Bionic chip. However, both devices have the same GPU and CPU with 4 and cores respectively and a Neural Engine with 8 cores. On a day-to-day basis, most users they will not notice differences in performance of the processor, due to the fact that they offer good performance when it comes to managing applications, downloading files, synchronization between devices or performance drops in games from the Apple Arcade or Apple Store.

iPhone XR

With respect to software, Both devices are compatible with iOS 16 and very securely with iOS 17. The fluidity and experience is outstanding on both devices, a clear example that Apple takes care of even the smallest detail in all its products. Of course, the iPhone 11 will be more up-to-date for the latest operating systems because it has been on the market for fewer years. However, the fluidity in both devices is outstanding.

So iPhone XR or iPhone 11 in 2023?

The longevity of both devices is not observed on a day-to-day basis, since both devices have a very good performance and that it may have a more than correct use for the majority of users. Neither of the two devices are sold official form in Apple, so only third party platforms sell this product at present. The price difference on the base models is 70-100 euros, a pretty big difference. However, if you are looking for a device for several years, it is not a definitive difference.

iPhone 11 blue

The key point between both devices are the updates, Since the iPhone XR is a device that came out before the iPhone 11, therefore, it will be increasingly difficult for it to support all iOS updates, so if you are looking for a device for more years, the best option is to purchase the iPhone 11. As we always say, the best option is take paper and pen and determine how you use your device to see which device best suits your needs. Regardless of whether you choose one option or another, you are going to have a great device, without a doubt.

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