iPhone 12 in 2022 is it really worth it?

Time and even though we don’t want it, always advanced and getting faster, which becomes evident when we realize that the iPhone 12 has been on the market for three years. This device represented a design change, leaving aside the curved edges and the input of flat edges, indicating the new design line of Apple. In this post, we are going to analyze this small device and the enormous joys it brought to its users: Is the iPhone 12 worth it at the end of 2022?

Do you use the device multimedia?

If you are a user who uses the iPhone 12 for send messages by WhatsApp or consume multimedia content via Facebook or You Tube, this device fully meets your expectations. The screen 6.1 Super Retina XDR offers a professional range panel to view not only any content, but to enjoy it, with an extremely good color balance.

Regarding the cameras, It may seem that its longevity is a point against it, but the iPhone 12 has two lenses with 4K video recording capability and a night mode that captures all the existing lighting in the environment, giving outstanding results. It is true that does not have the same quality as the images of the iPhone 14 Pro, but if you are looking for a camera that offers remarkable results in all scenarios, the iPhone 12 is your device.

Looking to squeeze camera, video and games?

In the event that you like to take advantage of all the benefits that the iPhone offers, the situation is practically the same as that mentioned in the previous paragraph. The iPhone 12 has a chip A14 very powerful with high performance. In fact, there is not a huge difference between the user experience between the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 12.

Obviously, the fluidity is a little better because it is a more current generation, but in general, few users will notice noticeable differences between the two devices that have a difference of several generations. In cameras if you are going to notice differences especially in video recording and studio or professional photography, but if you’re not going to use the iPhone as a work, work-intensive product, the leap is there. Otherwise, it is not appreciable.


Is the iPhone XR worth it in 2022?

Quickly: yes. The iPhone 12 is a perfect device to buy in 2023 and even 2023. The reason I can make such a claim is that I currently have the ability to compare the iPhone 14 Pro and the 12 and recently upgraded the iPhone X to the 14 Pro. Carrying out detailed comparisons between devices, the iPhone 12 has disadvantages compared to Apple’s top-of-the-range phone, but they are not substantial differences and unless you are a user who seeks the best and the most innovative, the jump is not worth it if It is an expense that you can do without.

Probably the question that many users will ask is purchase this device new or second hand. We all know the problems of buying a second-hand iPhone and the problems that can cause. Likewise, the iPhone 12 is a device that still new in large surfaces such as El Corte Inglés or Fnac at a lower price than that determined by Apple on its official website. In addition, on online platforms such as Yaphone or Amazon, the price of this device can be around 680 euros, a very interesting price that makes it not worth going to the second-hand market for this device.

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