iPhone 12 mini or 13 mini, which one to buy in 2023?

Any time of the year is an ideal date to change your device and above all, the first months of the year to treat yourself to the device you want to have. In this post we are going to see one of Apple’s most compact devices, and assess which of the two is worth it. By 2023, iPhone 12 mini or 13 mini?

aesthetic differences

Both devices have a practically similar design, with two cameras and flat edges. However, there is a difference in its panel, since the iPhone 13 mini has a reduced notch, which allows to gain volume on the screen. The camera layout They’re also different in that the 13 mini ditches the vertical camera system for a diagonal camera system, allowing for better photo taking.

The camera module is thicker compared to the size of the iPhone 12 mini. Both phones have very good fit in the hand, As it is such a small phone, it is very manageable and hardly takes up space in your pocket or purse.

Similar, also inside?

The real differences between both terminals are located inside. The RAM and processor It is different, with one GB more RAM than the previous generation. The processor has also taken a generational leap, carrying the A15 Bionic chip. However, in terms of actual performance, the difference from day to day is going to be minimal, so you won’t notice any differences, be it in games, multimedia content, or applications that need to extract all the power from the processor. We already know that Apple devices, in terms of performance, are beyond doubt.

iPhone 13 mini cameras

Regarding your internal storage, It is one of the key points, since the base memory is double from one generation to another. Specifically, the iPhone 12 mini starts at 64 GB, while the later generation starts at 128 GB. The jump is more than evident and very interesting for many users.

Finally, there is a considerable improvement in the battery duration, since the iPhone 12 mini starts from 2,220 mAh and the 13 mini, 2406 mAh. This difference means that the 13 mini can get through the day without problems even with intense use, while the 12 mini arrives with problems at the end of the day.

Which is more worth it?

Once you know the differences between the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 13, it is the user who has to determine which is both worth it. For benefits, the iPhone 13mini It has better features than the 12 mini. However, the price difference is a key aspect, since there is a difference of more than 130-150 euros depending on the platform you analyze. In addition, the iPhone 13 mini continues to be viewed from the official Apple page.

iPhone 13 mini black

From the writing team of the bitten apple, we noticed differences between both devices, and we believe that for the price difference it is worth going for the latest generation, since it has taken a generational leap at all levels, making it the best purchase between the two “minis” devices