iPhone 12 Pro VS iPhone 15: Which is a better purchase option?

The new iPhone models have been released, but you still haven’t decided which one to go for. Do you want to bet on an iPhone 15? Or do you want to look at previous models? This is precisely what we are going to look at in this post. Today it is the turn of the iPhone 12 Pro. A phone that, although it came out three years ago, can also be a valid option depending on our budget and what we want to do with this device. So here we are going to buy them face to face, in their most important facets.

The iPhone 12 Pro came out in 2020. It is a phone separated by three generations, if we count the iPhone 15. And the truth is that it has sections for which it stands out and is still a very good phone. But, it is also a comparison in which we are going to gain things in one place, and lose in another.

iPhone 12 Pro Screen VS iPhone 15

Let’s start with the iPhone 12 Pro. In this case we have a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR panel and a 60Hz refresh rate. In addition, we have the classic notch design. It must be remembered that this began to be reduced with the iPhone 13.

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max

In the case of the iPhone 15, we have the same type of screen. Same inches, resolution and technology. However, we have the Dynamic Island, which adds new functions to the interface.

Almost everything is the same, except that the iPhone 12 Pro has up to 800 nits of brightness, while the iPhone 15 has up to 1,000, and with an addition of up to 2,000 nits outdoors.

iPhone 12 Pro Processor VS iPhone 15

If we look at the older model, we have an A14 Bionic chip, with 6 CPU cores, 4 GPU cores and a 16-core Neural Engine. In the case of the iPhone 15, we have the A16 Bionic, with 6 CPU cores, 5 GPU cores and a 16-core Neural Engine.

Although there are three generations of difference, these models only have a difference of two years in the processor. And although the iPhone 12 Pro is still a powerful and capable phone, this difference is noticeable in other aspects, also very important, which we are going to see below.

The autonomy

Apple has always been characterized by playing with the energy efficiency of the processor, to offer more autonomy in similar battery sizes. And here the iPhone 15 promises a duration of up to 20 hours, while the iPhone 12 Pro stays at 17 hours.

Thus, we have three more hours of autonomy in the most recent model. We must also keep in mind that these hours indicated by Apple are based on video playback, so this will vary in the end depending on the use we give it.

The cameras

Although they are a separate section, a priori, the truth is that the processor also influences the final results. However, let’s first see what each device mounts.

The iPhone 12 Pro has three 12 Megapixel cameras. It has Wide Angle, Ultra Wide Angle and Telephoto Lens, with 0.5x, 1x and 2x Optical Zoom. In the case of the iPhone 15 we only have two lenses, but these two are 48 Megapixels, and they are Wide Angle and Ultra Wide Angle. Despite this, the iPhone 15 is also capable of 0.5x, 1x and 2x optical zoom.

iPhone 12 Pro

And what is the role of the processor in all this? On the iPhone 12 Pro we have Smart HDR for 3 photos, while on the iPhone 15 it is a Smart HDR for 5 photos.

For its part, the iPhone 15 has Action Mode and Cinema Mode for video recording, while the iPhone 12 Pro does not. But if we look at the photos section, the iPhone 12 Pro is capable of taking photos in Apple ProRAW format. Which the iPhone 15 does not.

Other important aspects

The iPhone 12 Pro has a Lightning connector, at USB2 speed. The iPhone 15, for its part, mounts the new USB type C standard. But the data transfer speed will remain the same.

Both have a FaceID system, connection to ultra-fast 5G networks, MagSafe system and water resistance up to 6 meters deep, for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Assessing the highlights, as you may have seen, the iPhone 12 Pro plays at a disadvantage in certain aspects. However, the iPhone 15 loses in the section of taking photos in Apple ProRAW format.

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