iPhone 14: All We Know 

iPhone 14 is one of the biggest news for tech fans at the moment. Apple fans from all over the world are currently eagerly waiting for Apple to drop their latest mobile. The biggest question that surrounds the iPhone is when will the next iPhone come out. According to the recent news, the probable release date for the next batch of iPhones will be in the month of September 2022. 

However, no confirmation has yet been provided by Apple. Despite the launch being a few months away, people are already talking about what the latest iPhones would look like. The latest set of iPhones is expected to have some of the biggest jumps this year. One of the most notable upgrades will be coming with the notch. Apple users have been complaining a lot about the notch of iPhones. 

The design was introduced with the iPhone X initially and has persisted with it till now. However, the latest iPhone 13 has a much smaller notch and it is expected to vanish completely in iPhone 14. As per the speculations, Apple will be opting for a pill type cut out instead of the traditional hole punch, which is more common in its Android counterparts. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

iPhone 14 Will Be A Hit

iPhone 14 is expected to have the biggest upgrades in years. Apart from ditching the notch, another major jump will come in performance. The next set of iPhones will consist of A16 bionic chips. These will be much more efficient than the current set of A15 ones. However, only the premium models are expected to have an A16, while iPhone 14 will have the old A15. 

The phone will also have a great set of cameras. It will still feature the lightning port. The latest news suggests that Apple will switch to USB-C in the year 2023.