Whenever new Apple devices come out, many users want to test them. The purpose apart from checking if the new features work or not, is to generate content on their social networks. But the rest of us benefit from these tests, some a little weird, knowing if what Apple implements is smoke or not. On this occasion, the ability of the iPhone 14 to detect car accidents and see how it works has been tested. A YouTuber has created a test to find out if it works or not. It seems that the results have been very good.

One of the features that has been added to the new iPhone 14 is the ability to detect car accidents. In this case, the emergency services are alerted if necessary. It works much like fall detection does. If an accident is detected and the user does not manually cancel the emergency notification system, the entire protocol starts. There have been occasions in which lives have been saved with fall detection, so it is to be assumed that this system will do the same. But of course, we have to trust Apple and that the feature will turn on when it’s supposed to. We have no doubt that it will.

The good thing is to put it to the test, but of course, the logistics are very difficult, except for this YouTuber who has verified how the function is activated at the right time and that we can continue to trust Apple and its new implementations. What has been recreated is through a remote controlled vehicle. In it, an iPhone 14 has been installed. It has collided in a controlled manner and full of cameras around it, you can see how the system works.

Once the collision occurs, not without a few failed attempts, the iPhone 14 Pro’s crash detection feature is automatically activated and the phone initiates an emergency SOS countdown. This time it is canceled so as not to make a useless call to a real emergency service. Then there are more shocks and the function continues to activate, so it can be said that already We have one more help.