iPhone 14 Could Come With An Improved Battery Life

With Apple working on improving the battery life of the iPhone 13, it seems fated that the iPhone 14 could come with even better battery life. This could definitely be the case, considering the company has been ditching Samsung for its smalled and vastly improved TSMC 5G Chips. According to a report published by the Economic Daily News in Taiwan, TSMC- a famous chipmaker went above Samsung with its superior manufacturing process and is currently going to have all orders for the 5G chips for the upcoming iPhone line. Most analysts in the market have also commented that the 5G chips would be using the 6nm architecture of TSMC- which was initially announced at the TSMC Technology Forum back in 2021. 

iPhone 14’s Superior Chip Could Maximize Battery Life

One could jog their memory back to the rumor stating that the iPhone 13 would be featuring the support to Wi-Fi 6E, as it didn’t happen. But that would also make sense if the new 5G chip ended up bringing support to the latest bands that were available with the iPhone 14. TSMC went on to update the description of the 6nm RF process on the company’s blog the previous year. Since every single additional square millimeter of the motherboard area of the smart machine would end up reducing the size of the battery by the same amount, it would also affect the battery life exponentially. 

Interestingly, along with enhanced performance over 5G and Wi-Fi, there has been another great reason to feature this new chip on the iPhone 14- its room for battery life. Not just that- most of the 5G modems are still quite hungry for power, which is why Apple usually doesn’t recommend its users keeping their 5G on at all times. 

With the iPhone 14- this could definitely change. Or, Apple could be promoting the same battery with 5G always on and state it was able to maximize the battery life on the new iPhone.